Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight
Posted on 10/05/2018
Grace CovanMeet Grace Covan, our October Senior Spotlight! What was your experience like partaking in a summer program at Brown University? What all did you do and learn there? How do you think it prepared you for college?
At the end of my junior year, I applied to a week long summer program in Microbiology at Brown University. I was accepted to the program, and I flew to Providence, Rhode Island in July. I lived on campus at Brown for a week, and I quickly learned that none of the other participants had ever heard a southern accent! Almost everyone on my hallway was from a different country. My class focused on the microbiome surrounding the human body. Each day I had a lecture and a lab. During the labs we grew bacteria cultures from our own skin and three different kinds of meat. We also experimented with different kids of antibiotics. This class allowed me to preview what my future college classes will be like. What are some lessons that you have learned during your time in high school that you think BHP has prepared you for life after graduation? During my time at BHP, I learned a lot about working with other people. I learned that people are not always what they seem. What was a challenge that you faced during high school and how did you overcome it? One of my greatest challenges was my first AP class. I took AP Chemistry my senior year which forced me to learn to study, and to make sure I got all of my homework done quickly. What are your plans for after graduation? After graduation, I plan to attend the University of South Carolina to major in biology with an minor in genetics. I then hope to attend Duke medical school to earn a doctorate degree in Neuroscience. My dream job is to become a pediatric neurologist at the Shriner's Hospital for Children in Greenville.
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