Kindergarten Waiver Form

State of South Carolina
Form to Elect Non-Attendance in Compulsory Kindergarten

Child’s Legal Name: ____________________________ Date of Birth: _______________
                                                                                       (Verify from Birth Certificate)
Birth Certificate Number: __________________________________________
Parent or Legal Guardian: _____________________________________
Address: ________________________________________
Telephone: ________________________________________
District/Elementary School: ________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________
I am fully aware that kindergarten attendance is compulsory for children in South Carolina who are five years of age on or before September 1.
However, I do not elect to enroll my child in a kindergarten program during the 20__ - 20__ school year.
I understand that this may effect my child’s education in later years, and I accept responsibility for this action.
Signature of Parent or Guardian
Signature of Witness (School Personnel)
A copy of this completed form should be sent to: Early Childhood/Elementary Team
1429 Senate St., Suite 901-A
Columbia SC 29201

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