November Teacher Spotlight

November Teacher Spotlight
Posted on 11/08/2019

Congratulations to our November Teacher Spotlight, Brian Roach! Brian is currently in his 17th year of teaching.


“Whether you are a teaching Current Events or U.S History, Social Studies courses provide students with an open platform to share viewpoints and ideas. As often stated, Social Studies classes serve as a "marketplace of ideas" and as an open forum for students to share their opinions and ideas on many of the challenges and issues facing our country today and in the years to come.  Social studies courses, especially Government and U.S. History, are perhaps more relevant than they have ever been in our lifetime.  As a teacher of U.S. History, I strive to make the content relevant to the lives of my students by showing them that not only are we learning about the past, but we are also examining the present.  Many of the current issues that we debate and tussle over as a nation are the same issues that we have been struggling with since the inception of the country.  More importantly, my students discover that they can disagree with each other without sacrificing civility in the process.  As a teacher, I hope to achieve two primary goals before students leave my classroom: to transform them into thinkers and to make them better human beings.  It has been said that the purpose of education is to create a better and informed citizenry, and I believe this to be the mission of any Social Studies program.  Teaching is truly a calling, and I am so glad that I embraced it so long ago.”

  – Brian Roach

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