October Teacher Spotlight

October Teacher Spotlight
Posted on 10/04/2019

Congratulations to our October Teacher Spotlight, Khadesia Latimer!

Khadesia is on her third year of teaching. When asked what her favorite thing about teaching, she said that teaching is fostering a love for creating all things imaginable while building strong relationships with her students.

Khadesia teaches 29 different classes, which is 33 homerooms. That’s a little over 700 students. She has the unique opportunity to reach a mass of students in just one year. They create a lot of art in her room and have fun doing it. Her hope is that her students will learn that art class isn’t their only opportunity to be creative, imaginative, and artistic. She said, “While I hope that I am the one to open the grand door to a world of artistic freedom, I can only dream that once I open that door for them--- it stays open forever.” Art isn’t about drawing pretty pictures. It’s about looking at the world in a different way. Khadesia says that a generation of students looking at the world in a different way is a generation that will mold our world in a different way. A quote from one of her student’s journal entries is, “Art is important to me because it helps make my ‘voshin’ bigger.”

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