Ready, Set, PreK Event in ASD2

Ready, Set, PreK Event in Anderson County School District Two
Posted on 03/25/2021
Ready, Set, PreK Event in Anderson County School District Two


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The Carolina Family Engagement Center (CFEC) is one of 12 Statewide Family Engagement Centers funded by the U. S. Department of Education under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). It provides districts, schools, and families with professional development and technical assistance to enhance school-family partnerships and improves connections between families and statewide community partners. The evidence on family engagement in early childhood suggests that families from diverse socioeconomic, educational, and racial/ethnic backgrounds are interested in their child’s educational success and capable of effectively supporting their child’s learning at home and school when provided with the information and guidance that they need. Family and community engagement efforts in early childhood education lays the groundwork for creating equity and opportunity in education for all families across South Carolina.   First Steps SC is one of CFEC’s statewide community partners. Lorilei Swanson, CFEC Upstate Regional Family Engagement Liaison, serves all schools in Anderson School District Two (ASD2). She recently partnered with Paige Wall, ACFS Director, Allison Strickland, ASD2 Literacy and First Steps Coordinator, Teresa Phillips, ASD2 Coordinator of Mental Health Services and Project AWARE, and Jeremy Sauceman, Honea Path Elementary School (HPES) principal to create Math and Reading learning kits for families with children who are eligible for Pre-K enrollment. Ready, Set, Pre-K Math, and Reading learning kits were distributed by HPES teachers in three neighborhoods in Honea Path. These kits included family-friendly guides written by Ellen Still and published by CFEC to provide families with examples of the experiences and skills children need in order to be prepared to move through preschool at three, four, and five years of age. The Ready, Set, PreK event was designed to give families hands-on materials they can use at home to support their child’s learning and help them prepare for Pre-K. This event also encouraged families to enroll their children onsite in free, all-day 4K in the ASD2 area.  

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