Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight
Posted on 04/02/2019
Andrew ClarkeMeet Andrew Clarke, our April Senior Spotlight! Could you share your experience with the Chamber Singers, Band, and the Tennis Team? Also, could you share the things that you have learned from these activities and how you think they will help you as graduate high school?

As a student at BHP, I have participated in band, the tennis team, and the Chamber Singers. This has drastically changed my high school experience for the better. I have learned many things from my experience. From the band, I have learned that great things take time, whether that takes coming three weeks before school starts or staying late-nights. From the Chamber Singers, I have learned the benefit of surrounding myself with like-minded and talented performers. I have also been greatly impacted by my teacher, Mrs. Henderson, who has shown me that keeping God first in my life and putting my head down and working is the only way to get the results I want. The tennis team taught me that being around good people always makes the load easier. 

What are some lessons that you have learned during your time in high school that you think BHP has prepared you for life after graduation? Some lessons I've learned at BHP is that you always need to keep your head up, stay on top of your work, and always walk with a purpose. What was a challenge that you faced during high school and how did you overcome it? One challenge I've learned to overcome is when a problem catches you off guard, you always need to put a smile on your face and tackle the problem head-on. Taking harder and harder classes as I went through BHP has taught me to handle the increased pressure of tests and even homework. What has been your favorite memory during your time here at BHP?

My favorite memory during my time at BHP is hard to pick out but I think my time in Ireland is up there. Spending time with my family and friends as well as singing in some beautiful locations made that trip worth every dollar.

As you plan to enlist in the Marines this summer, what are you looking forward to and how has BHP prepared you for this next step in life?

For the past four years, I thought my path would take me through college, get my degree and go teach. However, after a few meetings with a Marine recruiter throughout this year, I decided to change that and use my life to serve a greater purpose. I feel that my teachers, coaches, and my family have always challenged me to be my best, and push myself beyond what I thought I could do. 

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