Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight
Posted on 09/07/2018
Sam GilmerMeet Sam Gilmer, our September Senior Spotlight! Where are you working? What was your experience like at your internship and what was it like having that turn into a job? How do you think this is preparing you for the rest of your life?
I started work with Debbie Rogers in the football season of 2016. At first, she was hesitant about having anyone working with her because she had never tried it before, and people did not want to stay. They usually wanted to work just to add a title on their resume. She saw something special in me and my photographs, so she gave me a chance. She interviewed me on the football field at the 2016 jamboree. Shortly after that, I started as an intern photographer.  She wanted to see if I would stay. Within only four months, I moved up from an intern to a photographer for the Belton-Honea Path News-Chronicle. Not only has it been a great experience, but I have also gained a wonderful friend! Debbie has been the best teacher and has taught me to learn from my mistakes. I have taken many different kinds of pictures throughout my learning experience. Sports and sunsets with clouds would be my favorite to shoot. Hopefully, my photography experience will continue to grow into my dream career, which is to own my own photography business. In addition to learning how to take good photos, I have also had to learn to balance my school work with shooting photos. I have had a lot of support and help from my family, as well as teachers. Time management has been extremely important in being able to do what I love and still maintain my grades. It takes a lot of planning, thought, and follow through. What are some lessons that you have learned during your time in high school that you think BHP has prepared you for life after graduation? Beginning life on my own in this crazy world we live in is a scary thought, but I have learned at BHP that I should always try to be a leader and not a follower. Most importantly, I have learned to always be myself. What was a challenge that you faced during high school and how did you overcome it? The biggest challenge I have faced is completing assignments and tests on time. My teachers and parents have helped me to see the value in keeping a calendar to keep up with when things are due. It is still a work in progress, but I have come a long way. What has been your favorite memory during your time here at BHP? My favorite memory at BHP is getting to know the coaches on the sideline, and taking pictures with a pocket full of bubble gum to give to them all. What are your plans for after graduation? My future plans include continuing my education, but I have not yet decided what or where. I am sure that photography will be a part of my future.
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