Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight
Posted on 11/09/2018
Latonya HigginbothamMeet Latonya Higginbotham, our November Senior Spotlight! What was your experience like taking part in the Instagrad Program and Service Learning? What all did you do and learn and how do you think it prepared you for college and the rest of your life?
I loved going to colleges and visiting them to learn. It prepared me for college by visiting them and getting to know them more. I loved the service learning and loved to meet the different kids. They made an impact in my life. They made me always have a smile on my face even when I had a bad day and they brightened up my day.  What are some lessons that you have learned during your time in high school that you think BHP has prepared you for life after graduation? I learned to always to follow your dreams and never look behind.  What was a challenge that you faced during high school and how did you overcome it? I have faced almost giving up in English but the teacher told me to keep pushing on and I got it.  What has been your favorite memory during your time here at BHP? My favorite memory in High School has been getting into the Instagrad Program in 9th grade and getting to tour different college the last three years. What are your plans for after graduation? I plan on attending Greenville Tech or Piedmont Tech and I want to be a Nurse. 
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