Virtual Learning Academy (VLA)

Virtual Learning Academy (VLA)
Posted on 09/20/2020
Virtual Learning Academy (VLA)

Rhonda Gregory
Congratulations to Rhonda Gregory for being named as Interim Director of Virtual Learning for Anderson School District Two. Mrs. Gregory has been the assistant principal at Honea Path Middle school for the past seven years. As Interim Director of Virtual Learning she will work with the faculty and staff to promote virtual learning and provide support to teachers, parents and students. She will also serve as our District Testing Coordinator, Public Relations Coordinator and assist with secondary curriculum.

Remote Learning

We could at any point have to close school due to the COVID-19 situation and move to remote learning for all students. As parents, you should be prepared to make this transition at any point throughout the year. If this happens, your child will keep his/her current schedule and classes will be held remotely to mirror his/her face-to-face schedule. Teachers will use Google Meets or a similar platform to connect with students. 

Virtual Academy

In grades K-5, there will be a dedicated teacher to teach the Virtual Academy students. In grade 6-12, the virtual students may be part of a face-to-face class. How will this work? Students enrolled in the Virtual Academy may "join" a face-to-face class virtually through Google Meets or a similar platform. Another possibility is that students may be part of a total virtual classroom. Each scenario is dependent on the course and staffing. All Virtual Academy students will follow a normal school day schedule and must be present during those times. Your child will find out their Virtual Academy teacher(s) and schedule as soon as these are finalized.

Here is a link to the Virtual Academy website. The website has a "Frequently Asked Questions" section.Virtual Academy Website

Virtual Academy Website


Please understand that the safety of our staff and students will remain our number one priority. We have implemented and continue to review all of our safety protocols from our reopening plan. We will continue to update you in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you for partnering with ASD2 to ensure the best educational opportunity for your child this school year. 

Virtual Learning Academy

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