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Payroll is issued on the 25th of each month and you will find the direct deposit sent on all employees to be very convenient. A voided check or documents from your bank with the account number and routing number is needed to deposit your payroll check. If you change banks or accounts please notify us at least 15 days prior to payroll.

You will be paid each month with the exception of June and July. In June, you will have 2 direct deposits. All 12-month employees will be paid each month from July-June. Their new school year begins in July and all other employees will begin the first payroll of the year in August with the first payment on August 25th.  

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.
Angie Friddle, or 864.369.7364

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 ESS - Employee Self Service   Each paid employee (reg or substitute) can view their monthly pay and deductions by registering and going into Employee Self Service (ESS). Paperwork is not distributed - Everything is viewed in ESS. You can find instructions on how to register or getting password help by clicking hereThe link for ESS can be found under the Quick Links section of Payroll/Benefits.

You can easily change your taxes, address, name and direct deposit also in ESS. You will need your employee number and email address to register. When changing address and/or name, you will need to update SC Retirement System, PEBA Insurance, and payroll will need a copy of your updated social security card with the new name. If you are in the ORP, you will need to call your vendor to update your new information:  
Metlife 800-543-2520, MassMutual 800-528-9009, Valic 800-647-4416, and TIAA Cref 800-842-2252

Once W2's are completed, a copy will be available to you via ESS. This does not replace your W2, but can be used as a copy. After logging in to ESS, go to Task, Document Manager, View W2. You can view or print a copy of your W2 from this screen.

If you do not have a computer, each school has a computer lab and the bus office has a computer.


Income and Insurance Verifications

Please send Income Verifications to Angie Friddle -
Please send any Insurance Verifications to Angie Friddle -
These may also be faxed to 864.369.4002.
We will return these documents as soon as possible.


Classroom and Custodian Substitutes
Substitute teachers are paid One Month Behind. If you work in September, the information is not turned in to us until October. You will be paid on October 25th. Contact Angie Friddle - or 864-369-4613 for any payroll questions. Substitutes need to register for ESS - Employee Self Service to make changes. Always keep your information updated and please do so 15 days prior to payroll date for it to be reflected in the 25th pay.

Lunchroom Substitutes

Lunchroom substitutes are paid every month around the 25th.  
They will need to register in ESS - Employee Self Service  

Bus Payroll
Bus drivers and bus aides are paid on the 25th or each month. 12 checks will be issued - on each month with the exception of June. In June you will receive 2 checks. Payroll begins for the new school year in August and this is when you will be issued your first payroll for the new school year.

Supplement Pay
Supplement pay that is not for regular employees will be paid twice - in the middle of the event and at the end of the event.  Before a check is issued please be sure a retirement form, general information form, and a W-4 form are completed. Please send these forms along with a copy of your social security card and drivers license. To complete these forms contact payroll. or 864.369.7364


Understanding Your Benefits

You are responsible for understanding your benefits.  Ask questions, if you are not clear on anything.

All information on Retirement, Insurance, and Deferred Comp are located on the Peba Website Peba

South Carolina Retirement or Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) information is located under retirement on the peba website.  You register for retirement under Member Access.

Insurance coverage is offered for all full-time employees (30 hours or more) and part-time teachers. Prices, types of coverage and detailed information is on the Peba website. Peba
Coverage becomes effective on the first day of the month after you are hired unless you begin work on the first day of the month. Premiums are deducted one month ahead for employees except for bus and lunchroom employees. Their deductions are for the current month.

Coverage and changes are not automatic.

You may make changes in your coverage within 30 days of a qualifying event, such as a birth, adoption, marriage, or loss of coverage. Proof of these changes along with other information is required. Go to under insurance to follow the correct procedures.

Open/Annual enrollment is every October with the effective date of January 1st.  
Dental coverage is every other year (odd years).

The Insurance Benefits Guide is now online along with special perks our insurance provides to employees. New benefits and coverage are found on Peba so regularly check what new benefits are being provided to you and your covered family members. One benefit offered every fall in our district, is the screening, flu shots, shingles shot, and tetanus.  All these are free if you are covered under the health plan. Another test that is free and available to you from your provider is Colonoscopy, Tobacco Cessation, Diabetes Education, Weight Management, Maternity Management, and Stress Management.

Go to to register online and view your Explanation of Benefits and services on medical, vision, dental, and drugs.

Express Scripts is the carrier for drugs. Prescriptions can be filled at a drug store or a mail order for a 90 day supply.

EYEMED VISION Care is the carrier for vision insurance -

ASIFLEX is the carrier for pretax accounts -

My Benefits - For online enrollment during Open and Annual enrollment, to view your benefits and beneficiary -

To change or update insurance, use the 2-page NOE (Notice of Election) and turn in after completed - in black ink. You can find the document here.

Def Comp

Empower offers an additional retirement plan for all employees. Here you can choose a 401K or 457 plan and choose before or after the tax plan. This is a payroll deduction benefit that is a separate plan from your SCRS or ORP.

403 B plan is offered to all employees payroll deducted with the following company:
David McClain-Financial Advisor Edward Jones-Bus:864-231-8124 Cell:864-933-2716

Anderson School District Two has a partnership with the Upstate Federal Credit Union 864-369-0095

We have additional vendors outside who are approved for payroll deductions for your convenience. We only deduct the amount you approve for in payroll and do not have forms or information on the different coverage they carry. The approved vendors are:

Colonial 803-798-7000
American Heritage 800-521-3535
Upstate Federal Credit Union 864-369-0095

Address and/or name change - Go to MyBenefits for the insurance web site to update changes and go to Member Access to update changes in Peba's retirement system. We will need you to complete the Name/Address form and send attached a copy of your new social security card if the name changed. This is VERY important and should be done as soon as possible. You may want to update or add to your insurance coverage (31 days allowed), beneficiaries and taxes. If you have a change in marital status. You will need additional documents to make some of these changes. Contact Payroll/Insurance to set up a time to take care of these important details.

Please use this link to access our benefits website. Peba

Here you will find all information in INS, Retirement, and Def. comp.


Look for the Bold, Underlined, Italicized Wording for helpful links throughout the Payroll and Benefits sections. Please note most of the links direct you away from Anderson School District Two's website.

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