Teacher Qualifications

Under the Higher Education Act of 1998, parents/guardians have the right to obtain information about the qualifications of their children’s teachers. Specifically, parents/guardians have the right to know what type of certificate the teacher holds, what subjects the teacher is certified to teach, and the teacher’s major and any graduate degrees.

Most of this information is accessible through the State Department of Education’s Division of Teacher Quality web site, www.scteachers.org, under the Teacher Qualification Search link. You may search for this information by entering the teacher’s name directly, or by accessing a listing of all teachers by district or school name. Only teachers currently employed in South Carolina’s school districts are included in this listing. Information obtained through the Teacher Qualification Search site is intended for informational use only, and is not an official record.

If you do not have access to the internet and are unable to obtain this information through the State Department’s web site, or wish to receive additional information not available through the web site, please send a letter of request addressed to your child’s school principal, giving the name of the teacher and the grade or subject that the person teachers, as well as the specific information you are requesting. The information will be provided to you.

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