ASD2 Reopening Plan for 2020-2021

Reopening of ASD2

Anderson School District Two has created a comprehensive plan for the reopening of schools. The plan and a PowerPoint highlighting the changes are below.  This is a draft document that may be updated as new information and guidance is provided by the state. The district is providing families with two possible learning options for the 2020-2021 school year. Students may participate in face-to-face/traditional instruction or be considered for our Anderson School District Two Virtual Learning Academy. 

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  Reopening of ASD2

Declaration of Intent

We are asking parents/guardians to declare their instructional choice for each child. Parents must complete the Declaration of Intent form by July 24th, 2020 for EACH child in the household for us to prepare for the upcoming school year. On the Declaration of Intent form you will be asked to select either face-to-face instruction or the Anderson School District Two Virtual Learning Academy. Within this form, families will also indicate if bus transportation is needed. This form will be used to schedule bus pickups and drop-offs, and only those who indicate the need will be eligible for transportation services. The Declaration of Intent form can be found on the Anderson School District Two website.

The Anderson School District Two Virtual Learning Academy will be taught by state-certified teachers. Academy students will be following a traditional, full-day schedule from their homes. Students will be expected to meet online with their teachers on a daily basis. Attendance will be taken, and students are expected to be ‘present’ and to complete all assignments. Academy students will be held to the same grading policies as traditional students. Lessons will be aligned to the rigorous state standard expectations, therefore adult support will be needed throughout the instructional day. 

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